Have you read, “The Martian”?


I recently read (cough cough, Audible.com) The Martian for my first ever book club experience. Why a book club? I like to read, but rarely set deadlines to finish a book. That means it often takes me a few months to get through a short book. How was my first book club meeting? Glad you asked! […]

Why two sites are better than one.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.44.43 PM

I was talking to someone about my coffee review posts recently, and when we got to the natural end of the conversation, my companion said, “Where do I find the reviews?” Reveling in the fact that someone wanted to check out the posts, I told them to go to mendel.coffee. There was a long pause, […]

I finally found the best laptop sleeve, ever!


In 2013, the United States imported 27 million bags of coffee. That’s a whole heck of a lot of coffee, and enough burlap to reach to the moon and back (well maybe not, but it’s a lotta burlap). It’s no secret that I have a coffee obsession, and recently my friend Sandy let me in on a […]